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Admission policy - dypatilcbseschool, Pune
Admission Policy

Admissions will be granted at the sole discretion of the Management. Admissions are available strictly on a "first come first served" basis. If no seats are available in any class, the application will be placed in the waiting list. Siblings will receive priority. Any application may be rejected if a Parent is found to be influencing the admission procedure by any means.

General Admission Policy

Conversion Form

  • All students from Playgroup to Sr. Kg. will have to fill a conversion form & raise an Invoice for the next academic year in the month of September - October {on or before Vijayadashmi (Dussera)} November – December for admission to the next class for the next academic year. This will ensure natural promotion to the next class subject to the other rules & regulations of the school.
  • Likewise, all students from Grade I to IV will be expected to raise their Invoice for the next academic year before 10th Jan, every year. and all students from Grade V onwards will be expected to raise their Invoice for next academic year before 15th March every year. However, promotion will be subject to academic performance, attendance and other general rules & regulations of the school.
  • It will be assumed that a parent is not interested in taking admission for the next academic year if the conversion form and Invoice are not raised on or before the last date. These seats will then be filled by fresh applications.
  • No application will be entertained for conversion after the last date.