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About Principal - dypatilcbseschool, Pune
About Principal

Dr. Sonal Patil (Ph.D, UGC-PET)

Principal – Dr. D. Y. Patil School

"We look forward to our students being Global Citizens with an International Outlook and embedded with Indian Values."

As the principal of the school I feel very delighted to work with enthusiastic, passionate, innovative, talented, fearless and ignited minds, most caring staff members and our always encouraging parents.Each day is filled with more excitement, experiences, learning and ability to make someone's day better. Most of the times, it is the students who make us learn, experience and investigate new things. We deal with the most powerful minds which aspire to become doctors, engineers, scientists, technocrats, bureaucrats, specialised defence personnel and police officers, businessmen, industrialists and people of high calibre as well as committed to a never-say-no-attitude for any work and assignment given to them.

I firmly believe that, the students of today need to take up new challenges, reasearch, ask probing questions and educate themselves with the contemporary opportunities arising in this competitive world. Today's students get quickly influenced by every single act, either man-made or technical, in terms of exposure to social media. We as a teacher and educational leaders come at the centre stage to deal with such influential minds in a more optimistic manner and provide them with the right output for the betterment of their lives.

I firmly believe that education is the only vehicle that generates highly skilled employees in all domains as well as makes cultured and global citizens that can ignite and transform the lives of the people in the society.

I feel obliged and proud to quote our former President Late. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for his thoughts and extensive interaction with the youth, where he states, "The Ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the Earth."

We need to direct our youth in the right direction, with a value-orientated approach, helping them to achieve their ambitions and goals and imbibing them into a culture of simplicity, patriotism, honesty, respect for elders and a strong desire to transform the society as well as to maintain peace and prosperity in the society. This is my earnest request to our students to hone their talent in our school and aspire to scale the highest peak. Our support and encouragement will always be with you and for you!